Thought and reality

Michael Dummett

In this short, lucid, rich book Michael Dummett sets out his views about some of the deepest questions in philosophy. The fundamental question of metaphysics is: what does reality consist of? To answer this, Dummett holds, it is necessary to say what kinds of fact obtain, and what constitutes their holding good. Facts correspond with true propositions, or true thoughts: when we know which propositions, or thoughts, in general, are true, we shall know what facts there are in general. Dummett considers the relation between metaphysics, our conception of the constitution of reality, and semantics, the theory that explains how statements are determined as true or as false in terms of their composition out of their constituent expressions. He investigates the two concepts on which the bridge that connects semantics to metaphysics rests, meaning and truth, and the role of justification in a theory of meaning. He then examines the special semantic and metaphysical issues that arise with relation to time and tense.On this basis Dummett puts forward his controversial view of reality as indeterminate: there may be no fact of the matter about whether an object does or does not have a given property. We have to relinquish our deep-held realist understanding of language, the illusion that we know what it is for any proposition that we can frame to be true independently of our having any means of recognizing its truth, and accept that truth depends on our capacity to apprehend it. Dummett concludes with a chapter about God.

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  • Preface
  • 1. Facts and Propositions
  • 2. Semantics and Metaphysics
  • 3. Truth and Meaning
  • 4. Truth-Conditional Semantics
  • 5. Justificationist Theories of Meaning
  • 6. Tense and Time
  • 7. Reality As It Is In Itself
  • 8. God and the World

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書名 Thought and reality
著作者等 Dummett, Michael
Dummett Michael
シリーズ名 Lines of thought
出版元 Clarendon Press;Oxford University Press
刊行年月 2008
ページ数 ix, 109 p.
大きさ 21 cm
ISBN 9780199552245
NCID BA87741352
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言語 英語
出版国 イギリス