In laudem hierosolymitani : studies in Crusades and medieval culture in honour of Benjamin Z. Kedar

edited by Iris Shagrir, Ronnie Ellenblum and Jonathan Riley-Smith


  • The Holy Land, Archaeology and Iconography: De plaga que facta est in Hierusalem eo quod dominicum Deum non custodiebant: history into fable?, Amnon Linder
  • Gestures of conciliation: peacemaking endeavors on the Latin East, Yvonne Friedman
  • The medieval evolution of by-naming: notions from the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, Iris Shagrir
  • Islamic preaching in Syria during the Counter-Crusade (12th-13th centuries), Daniella Talmon-Heller
  • 3 stages in the evolution of rural settlement in the Kingdom of Jerusalem during the 12th century, Adrian Boas
  • Frankish castles, Muslim castles and the medieval citadel of Jerusalem, Ronnie Ellenblum
  • Dialogo di due intellettuali intirno a Gerusalemme, Gabriella Airaldi
  • Mongol provincial administration: Syria in 1260 as a case study, Reuven Amitai
  • A new text of the Annales de Terre Sainte, Peter Edbury
  • An icon of the Crucifixion and the Nativity at Sinai
  • investigating the pictorial language of its ornamental vocabulary: chrysography, pearl-dot haloes and cintemani, Jaroslav Folda
  • Numismatic findings from cathedral of St Peter in Caesarea, Robert Kool
  • Notes on some inscriptions from crusader Acre, Denys Pringle
  • Acre au regard d'Aigues-Mortes, Jean Richard
  • Sharing sacred space: holy places in Jerusalem between Christianity, Judaism and Islam, Ora Limor
  • Der Prophet und sein Vaterland. Leben und Nachleben von Reinhold Rohricht, Hans E. Mayer. Mentality, Law, Jews and World History: Naming pains: physicians facing sensations, Esther Cohen
  • Did all the land belong to the king?, Susan Reynolds
  • Medieval treasure troves and Jews, Michael Toch
  • Comparative history and world history: Contrasts and contacts, Diego Olstein. The Crusades, The Military Orders and Commerce: Pope John X (914-928) and the antecedents of the 1st Crusade, Bernard Hamilton
  • Papal war aims in 1096: the option not chosen, Bernard Bachrach
  • Knowledge, power and the medieval soldier, 1096-1550, Yuval Harari
  • Finance and logistics of the Crusade of Frederick Barbarossa, Alan V. Murray
  • The chain of the Golden Horn, 5-7 July 1203, John Pryor
  • The Hospitaller Commandery of Eterpigny and a postscript to the 4th Crusade in Syria, Jonathan Riley-Smith
  • A Venetian sailing to Acre in 1282: between private shipping and privately operated state galleys, David Jacoby
  • The testimony of Brother Henry Danet and the trial of the Templars in Ireland, Helen Nicholson
  • Images of Saracens on the pulpit of Santa Croce in Florence, Nirit Debby-Ben Arieh
  • Economics in Dante's Hell, Steven Epstein
  • Caffa e il suo porto (secc. XIV - XV), Michel Balard
  • Medieval states and military orders: the Order of Calatrava in the late Middle Ages, Sophia Menache.

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書名 In laudem hierosolymitani : studies in Crusades and medieval culture in honour of Benjamin Z. Kedar
著作者等 Riley-Smith, Jonathan Simon Christopher
Ellenblum Roni
Ellenblum Ronnie
Riley-Smith Jonathan
Shagrir Iris
シリーズ名 Crusades subsidia
出版元 Ashgate
刊行年月 c2007
版表示 illustrated ed
ページ数 xxiii, 468 p.
大きさ 24 cm
ISBN 9780754661405
NCID BA84524493
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言語 フランス語
出版国 イギリス