Intergenerational equity and sustainability

edited by John Roemer and Kotaro Suzumura

This book addresses the issues of intergenerational equity, intertemporal efficiency, and collective rationality of social decision-making. How should the welfare of future generations be treated vis-a-vis the welfare of present generation? How should we design and implement social security reforms? How can we formalize the notion of sustainable economic development, and what are the conditions that warrant the sustainability of development path? In the context of the problem of global warming, where a large part of those who are responsible for causing the problem do not exist anymore, and a large part of those who will be most severely affected by the problem do not yet exist, why and how should the present generation assume responsibility to take actions against this problem? Contributions come from distinguished economists who specialize in this area, and are tied by the common thread of taking a welfare-theoretic approach to the problem.

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  • Introduction
  • J.Roemer & K.Suzumura PART 1: EQUITY AMONG OVERLAPPING GENERATIONS Pension Contributions and Capital Accumulation
  • T.Ihori Equity and Efficiency in Overlapping Generations Economies
  • T.Shinotsuka, K.Suga, K.Suzumura & K.Tadenuma Social Security Pensions and Interregional Equity: The Japanese Case
  • N.Takayama PART 2: RANKING INFINITE UTILITY STREAMS A New Equity Condition for Infinite Utility Streams and the Possibility of Being Paretian
  • G.B.Asheim, T.Mitra & B.Tungodden Possibility Theorems for Equitably Aggregating Infinite Utility Systems
  • K.Basu & T.Mitra On the Existence of Paretian Social Welfare Quasi-orderings for Infinite Utility Streams with Extended Anonymity
  • T.Mitra & K.Basu Pareto Principle and Intergenerational Equity: Immediate Impatience, Universal Indifference and Impossibility
  • Y.Xu PART 3: INTERGENERATIONAL EVALUATIONS Formal Welfarism and Intergenerational Equity
  • C.d'Aspremont Intertemporal Social Evaluation
  • C.Blackorby, W.Bossert & D.Donaldson Intergenerational Fairness
  • M.Fleurbaey Person-Affecting Paretian Egaliterianism with Variable Population Size
  • B.Tungodden & P.Vallentyne PART 4: SUSTAINABILITY AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT Intergenerational Justice and Sustainability under the Leximin Ethic
  • J.Roemer Intergenerational Justice, International Relations, and Sustainability
  • J.Roemer & R.Veneziani Intergenerational Equity and Human Development
  • J.Silvestre PART 5: LONG-RUN ISSUES OF INTERGENERATIONAL EQUITY Toward a Just Savings Principle
  • N.Van Long Normative Approaches to the Issues of Global Warming: Responsibility and Compensation
  • K.Suzumura & K.Tadenuma Fundamental Incompatibility Between Economic Efficiency, Intergenerational Equity and Sustainability
  • N.Yoshihara Index

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書名 Intergenerational equity and sustainability
著作者等 International Economic Association Roundtable Meeting on Intergenerational Equity
Roemer, John E
鈴村 興太郎
Suzumura Kotaro
シリーズ名 International Economic Association conference volume
出版元 Palgrave Macmillan
刊行年月 2007
ページ数 xxii, 368 p.
大きさ 23 cm
ISBN 9780230007864
NCID BA83797763
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言語 英語
出版国 イギリス