British politics

Dennis Kavanagh ... [et al.]

The fifth edition of British Politics is a significantly expanded work that draws on the contribution of three new political scientists and redresses the balance between the historical context of British Politics and key theoretical debates. British Politics 5/e overcomes the traditional problem of looking at Britain in isolation and the narrow, institution-based approach to politics by re-focusing on the international context in which Britain operates, and the way in which globalization, Europeanization, and the marketization of the state have conditioned the nature of politics today. The text is both theoretically and practically informed, combining a descriptive account of the institutions and processes of the British political system with a lively and engaging discussion of new issues and policies.It addresses numerous contemporary topics, including the impact of a third term Labour Government; the threat to individual liberty in a post-9/11 world; the London 2005 bombings; Britain's destiny as a European partner; the implications of race and asylum-seeking; the growth and effect of direct action on the political system; and a health-check on democracy in an age of electoral decline. It also considers contemporary issues surrounding the public service; participation and representation; and democracy and accountability; while providing a detailed and accessible examination of a range of policy areas (economic, welfare, transport, education, law, immigration and defence) based on recent interviews conducted by the authors themselves with key political actors. ONLINE RESOURCE CENTRE For lecturers: seminar activities, essay questions, case studies, all figures and tables from the text. For students: annotated web links, political commentaries, multiple-choice questions and a time-line.

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  • 1. Why Study British Politics?
  • 2. Understanding Politics
  • 3. Modes of the British State: From Government to Governance
  • 4. Ideas and Ideologies in British Politics
  • 5. The Structure and Evolution of British Society
  • 6. From Global Empire to European Partner
  • 7. Understanding Decline
  • 8. European Union Institutions
  • 9. The Europeanisation of British Politics?
  • 10. The Constitutional Framework
  • 11. The Core Executive I: Prime Ministers and Power Dependency
  • 12. The Core Executive II: Ministers, Civil Servants and Power Dependency
  • 13. Policy-Making and the Managerial Framework
  • 14. The British State Today: Power, Meta-Governance and Regulation
  • 15. Local Government
  • 16. Quangos and Agencies
  • 17. A (Dis)United Kingdom? Devolution and the Policy Process
  • 18. Political Parties
  • 19. Parliament
  • 20. Elections and Voting
  • 21. Pressure Groups and Policy Networks
  • 22. The Decline in Representative Politics
  • 23. New Forms of Participation
  • 24. The Judiciary and Rights
  • 25. The Mass Media and Politics
  • 26. Economic Policy
  • 27. The Welfare State
  • 28. Health and Education Policy: The Welfare State We're In
  • 29. The Politics of Immigration, Asylum and Ethnic Diversity
  • 30. The Politics of Law and Order
  • 31. Foreign and Defence Policy
  • 32. Conclusion

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書名 British politics
著作者等 Kavanagh, Dennis
Geddes, Judge Andrew
Smith, Martin
Richards, David
出版元 Oxford University Press
刊行年月 2006
版表示 5th ed
ページ数 xxxi, 697 p.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 9780199269792
NCID BA77742224
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言語 英語
出版国 イギリス