Cell-cycle timing control of mitotic events in sea urchin early cleavages

Katsuyuki Yamada


  • Contents / p1
  • Introduction / p1
  • Materials and Methods / p5
  • 1.Handling of egg / p5
  • 2.Cytological procedures / p5
  • 3.Time-lapsed video microscopy / p6
  • Results / p9
  • I.Temperature dependence of early cleavage cycles in sea urchin eggs / p9
  • I-1.Temperature dependence of cleavage cycles / p9
  • I-2.Temperature-jump experiment / p10
  • II.The dependence of timing of mitotic events on the rate of protein synthesis and DNA replication in sea urchin early cleavages / p12
  • II-1.Measurement of time when proteins had accumulated sufficiently to allow execution of cleavage / p12
  • II-2.Relationship between tp and concentration of emetine used to stop cell cycle / p13
  • II-3.Effect of reducing protein synthesis on tp and timing of mitotic events / p14
  • II-4.Effect of retarding DNA replication on timing of mitotic events / p15
  • Discussion / p17
  • 1.Temperature dependence of the processes affecting the length of cleavage cycles / p17
  • 2.Meaning and measurements of the time of commitment / p17
  • 3.Characteristics of inhibition of protein synthesis and DNA replication / p18
  • 4.Cyclin-driven cell-cycle engine and its regulation by feedback control that monitors the completion of DNA replication / p19
  • 5.The difference between the first cleavage cycle and the following cleavage cycles / p22
  • Acknowledgments / p24
  • References / p25
  • Figures / p30
  • Temperature-independent period immediately after fertilization in sea urchin eggs / p1
  • Birefringence Measurements of the Actin Bundle in the Acrosomal Processes of Limulus Sperm / p270



書名 Cell-cycle timing control of mitotic events in sea urchin early cleavages
著作者等 山田 克幸
書名別名 ウニ初期卵割における分裂期のできごとの細胞周期上のタイミング制御について
出版元 [s.n.]
刊行年月 [1998]
ページ数 ii, 39 leaves
大きさ 31 cm
NCID BB14017421
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言語 英語