Biogenic amine formation in fish muscle during storage


  • 論文目録
  • Introduction / p1
  • Chapter1-Biogenic Amine Formation and Changes in Free Amino Acid levels in the Dark and White Muscles of Mackerel during Storage / p5
  • Chapter2-Bacterial Biogenic Amine Production / p21
  • Part A-Biogenic Amine Production by Different Bacterial Species in Mackerel Extracts / p21
  • Part B-Biogenic Amine Production during Growth of Different Bacteria in Intact Mackerel Muscle / p34
  • Chapter3-Inhibitory Effects of Food Additives on Biogenic Amine Production / p37
  • Part A-Effects of Selected Powdered Spices / p37
  • Part B-Effects of Ethanol Extracts of Spices / p47
  • Part C-Combined Effect of NaCl with Clove on the Bacterial Growth and Biogenic Amine Formation / p53
  • Part D-Combined Effect of Clove with Potassium Sorbate or Sodium Benzoate on Biogenic Amine Production / p59
  • Chapter4-Analysis of the Composition of Spices and Effect of Spice Constituents on the Growth and Amine Production of Bacteria / p65
  • Chapter5-Inhibition of Amino Acid Decarboxylase Activity by Active Ingredients in Spices / p75
  • Summary / p82
  • References / p86



書名 Biogenic amine formation in fish muscle during storage
著作者等 Chitra Nandanie Wendakoon
書名別名 魚肉貯蔵中における生体アミン類の生成