Proceedings of the ... Pacific Science Congress / Pacific Science Association  ELEVENTH VOLUME 9(Addenda)

Imprint varies with each volume: Tokyo, Japan, 1966;Title varies slightly;Meeting of the Anthropology Division of the 8th congress held in conjunction with the 4th Far-Eastern Pre-history Congress



  • Abstracts of Papers ADDENDA Anthropology Section
  • Symposium No.49:
  • Keiji Iwata(Japan) On the Village Spirit House in the Mainland Southeast Asia / 1
  • William P.Lebra(Hawaii) Kamidaari in Okinawan Religion / 2
  • Li Yih‐yuan(Republic of China) Ghost Marriage,Shamanism and Kinship Behavior in Rural Taiwan / 3
  • Symposium No.50:
  • Ann Chowning(U.S.A.) Acculturation Between Tribal Groups in Papua‐New Guinea / 4
  • Symposium No.52:
  • Shiro Hattori(Japan) Loan‐Words in Ainu / 5
  • Jean S.Aigner & The Anangula Unifacial Core and Blade
  • William S.Laughlin(U.S.A.)Industry of 8400 BP / 6
  • X‐2: Sachiko Hatanaka(Japan) The Problems from Socio‐Economic Development in Pukarua Island / 7
  • R.G.Lyapunova,Yu.V.Ionova & Yu.V.Maretin(U.S.S.R.) Ethnographical Collections on the Peoples of the Pacific Countries in the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography of the Academy of Sciences(Leningrad,USSR / 9
  • Yoshiro Shiratori(Japan) Classification of Subsistence Types of the Ethnic Groups in South and South‐Western China / 10
  • W.Straatmans(Netherlands) Ethno‐Botany of New Guinea in its Ecological Perspective / 11
  • L.P.Vidyarthi(India) Shifting Cultivation in South and South East Asia:A Comparative Appraisal / 12
  • X‐3: Adrienne L.Kaeppler(Hawaii) Folklore as Expressed in the Dance in Tonga / 14
  • David Morton(U.S.A.) The Use of New Scientific Devices in Musical Analysis / 15
  • X‐4: Herbert Melichar(Austria) Japanese Archaeological Terms and Their Problems / 17
  • X‐5: Ann Chowning(U.S.A.) The Kaulong Language of Southwest New Britain / 18
  • Lawrence A.Reid(Hawaii) Principles of Verb Stem Classification in Philippine Languages / 19



書名 Proceedings of the ... Pacific Science Congress / Pacific Science Association
著作者等 Pacific Science Congress
Pacific Science Association
書名別名 Proceedings
巻冊次 ELEVENTH VOLUME 9(Addenda)
刊行年月 1966
言語 英語