The Chinese repository = 支那叢報  VOL.14

Originally published: Canton : Printed for the proprietors, 1833-1846



  • No.1.
  • Art.I. Comparative English and Chinese.Calendar for 1845
  • list of foreign residents in China
  • commercial houses
  • colonial government of Hongkong
  • H.B.M.'s military forces and consular establishments in China
  • other foreign conauls
  • Portuguese government in Macao. / 1
  • Art.II. Obituary Notices of Mrs.Henrietta Shuck,of the American Baptist Mission in China.Communicated for the Repository. / 19
  • Art.III. Treaty of peace,signed at Nanking between England and China,translated from the Chinese. / 26
  • Art.IV. A list of the thirty-four articles,deliberated and determined upon,for the trade of the merchants of the United States of America,at the five ports in China.Translated from the Chinese. / 30
  • Art.V. French trading regulations
  • or a commercial treaty,in thirty-five articles,between France and China. / 41
  • Art.VI. Christianity in China
  • its claims to be received by the inhabitants of the empire,with reasons for its propagation on the part of Christendom. / 51
  • Art.VII. Comparative View of Six different Versions in Chinese of John's gospel,Chapter I.verse lst. / 54
  • Art.VIII. Journal of Occurrences:treaties with Great Britain,France,and the United States
  • affairs at Peking,Shanghai,Ningpo,Kulang su,Canton,Macao,and Hongkong
  • Protestant missions in China. / 55
  • No.2.
  • Art.I. An Ordinance for the suppression of the Triad and other societies in the island of Hongkong and its dependencies. / 57
  • Art.II. Some account of a secret association in China,entitled the Triad Society.By the late Dr.Milne,principal of the Anglo-Chinese College.Communicated[to the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland]. / 59
  • Art.III. Evils of forming illegal associations
  • prohibition of magicians,leaders of sects,and teachers of false doctrines
  • renunciation of allegiance
  • the tea sect. / 69
  • Art.IV. List of officers belonging to the Chinese government,extracted from the Red Book for the Chinese Repository,by a correspondent.
  • Art.V. Remarks on the translation of the words God and Spirit,and on the transferring of Scripture proper names into Chinese,in a letter to the editor of the Chinese Repository. / 101
  • Art.VI. Journal of Occurrences:secret associations
  • revolution in Nipal
  • council at Peking
  • governmental embartassments
  • the five ports
  • Macao
  • Hongkong
  • new publications
  • Protestant missionaries. / 104
  • No.3.
  • Art.I. Notices of the Miau Tsz',or Aboriginal Tribes,inhabiting various highlands in the southern and western provinces of China Proper. / 105
  • Art.II. Essay on the justice of the dealings with the Miau Tsz'or Aborigines who dwell on the borders of the provinces. / 115
  • Art.III. China,in a series of views displaying the scenery,architecture,social habits,&c.of this ancient and exclusive empire. / 118
  • Art.IV. Characters formed by the divisible type belonging to the Chinese mission of the Board of foreign missions of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. / 124
  • Art.V. Tsung jin Fu,or Board charged with the comtrol and government of the Imperial Family. / 130
  • Art.VI. Literary notices The China Mail,Nos.1-5
  • Christian Almanac in Chinese,for 1845
  • and Callery's Dictionnaire Encyclopedique,Tome Premier. / 135
  • Art.VII. Queries and remarks on the translation into Chinese,of the words God,Spirit,and Angel. / 145
  • Art.VIII. Journal of Occurrences
  • Christianity in China
  • protestant Missionaries
  • new teacher for the Mor.Ed.Soc
  • assault and battery in Canton
  • Evacuation of Kulang su
  • new port regulations at Macao. / 148
  • No.4.
  • Art.I. Embassies to the court of Peking,indicating the way they come,the period of time,and the number of persons composing them. / 153
  • Art.II. Chinese Reminiscences,compiled from notes made by the late Dr.Morrison,in the years 1826-27. / 156
  • Art.III. Tepography of Kwangsi
  • situation and extent of the province
  • its area and population
  • its subdivisions,rivers,mountains,productions,&c. / 171
  • Art.IV. Report of the Foundling Hospital at Shanghai,translated from the original for the Chinese Repository. / 177
  • Art.V. Toleration of Christianity,intimated by the emperor Taukwang,Dec.28th,1844,in a reply given to a memorial from the imperial commissioner Kiying. / 195
  • Art.VI. Journal of Occurrences:Peking Gazettes
  • the emperor engaged in religious worship
  • the northern ports
  • Ningpo
  • conveyance of teas
  • Hongkong
  • proceedings of the Medical Missronary Society
  • Protestant missions. / 199
  • No.5.
  • Art.I. The Syrian Monument,commemerating the progress of Christianity in China,erected in the year of the Christian era at Singau fu. / 201
  • Art.II. Some Account of Charms,and Felicitous Appendages worn about the person,or hung up in houses,&c.,used by the Chinese. / 229
  • Art.III. List of officers belonging to the Chinese government,corrected from the Spring Edition of the Red Book. / 234
  • Art.IV. Lines on seeing a painting of the cemetery on French Islands,where Mr.James Dunlap Perit was buried,written by L.H.Sigourney. / 242
  • Art.V. Journal of Occurrences:Chinese officers
  • Lin Tsehsu
  • Tang Tingching
  • Kiying
  • Hwang Ngantung
  • Triad Society in Chauchau fu
  • opium fleet:the China Medico-Chirurgical Society
  • an assay of sundry foreign coins
  • commerce of Fuchau
  • treaty with the U.S.A.ratified
  • a Chinese naturalized in Boston
  • liberation of prisoners in Hongkong
  • Queen's birth day
  • progress of public works
  • the American steamer Midas
  • Protestant missions. / 243
  • No.6.
  • Art.I. Sailing Directions for the Panghu,or Pescadore Archipelago,with notices of the islands.By captain Richard Collinson,C.B. / 249
  • Art.II. Sailing Directions for the coast of China
  • from the Cape of Good Hope to Amoy. / 258
  • Art.III. Notices of the trade carried on by the Russians at Kiachta,upon the Frontiers of China. / 280
  • Art.IV. Catalogue of Books in the Library of the Morrison Education Society. / 288
  • Art.V. Notices of Hongkong
  • situation,shape and extent of the island
  • its surface,productions,geological features
  • principal divisions,Victoria,Chekchu,Shekpai Wan,&c.
  • its original landlords
  • cession to the Brtish crown
  • erected mto a colony
  • its government,population,and prospects. / 291
  • Art.VI. Journal kept by Mr.Gully and capt,Denham,during a captivity in China in the year 1842.Edited by a barrister.London,1844. / 298
  • Art.VII. Journal of Occurrences
  • dreadful loss of life by the burning of a theatre in Canton
  • commerce of Fuchau fu
  • return of major-general D'Aguilar from the north
  • surveys on the coasts of China and Formosa
  • Chinese pirates
  • relations of the Chinese with foreigners. / 304
  • No.7.
  • Art.I. The Jews in China:their synagogue,their Scriptures,their history,&c., / 305
  • Art.II. An account of the great destruction of life by fire,at a theatrical exhibition held near the Hall of Literary Examinations in the city of Canton,25th May,1845.Written by Liang Shih Pwan. / 335
  • Art.III. Meteorological notices of the thermometer,&C.,made in Bangkok,Siam,during five successive years,ending 1844.By J.Caswell. / 337
  • Art.IV. Easy Lessons in Chinese:or Progressive exercises to facilitate the study of that language,especially adapted to the Canton D'ialect. / 339
  • Art. V. List of foreign residents in Canton,July / 347
  • Art.VI. Journal of Occurrences:office of the Chinese Repository removed to Canton
  • payment of two millions of dollars to the British goverment by the Chinese
  • public executions in Canton and Hongkong
  • U.S.A.frigate Constitution
  • new legation from China
  • changes in the goverment at Hongkong
  • newAmerican consul
  • importation of ice
  • French missions in Cochinchina
  • Protestant missions in China / 351
  • No.8.
  • Art.I. Message from the president of the United States to the senate,transmitting the trcaty concluded between Mr.Cushing and Kiying in behalf of their respective governments. / 353
  • Art.II. A Funeral Sermon,preached at Macao,on the death of Mrs.Mary Sword.
  • Art.III. The Jews in China:their synagogue,their Seriptures,their history,&c., / 388
  • Art.IV. Chinese Dialogues,questions,and familiar sentences,literally rendered.into English.with a view to promote commercia intercourse,and to assist beginners in the language.By W.H.Medhurst,sen.Shanghai
  • printed at the Mission press,1844. / 395
  • Art.V. Journal of Occurrences:memorial from the inhabitants of Hongkong to lord Stanley,with a letter to governor Davis
  • steamer Lady Mary Wood,&c. / 397
  • No.9.
  • Art.I. Particulars of the export of teas,raw silk,&c.,&c.,to Great Britain and the United States of America,in each vessel from 30th June 1844 to the lst July 1845.with summaries of the preceding year 1843-1844. / 401
  • Art.II. Message from the president of the United States to the senate,&c. / 410
  • Art.III. Memoir on the History of Budhism,read before the American Oriental their Annual Meeting,in Boston,May 28th,1844. / 423
  • Art.IV. A discourse warning and advising the simple people to appreciate life. / 436
  • Art.V. An introductory address delivered by Alfred Tucker,esq.,surgeon of the Minden's hospital,at the first meeting of the China Medical and Chirurgical Society,on the advantages to be gained by a medical association,&c. / 445
  • Art.VI. Journal of Occurrences:Chinese festivals
  • new hoppo
  • French embassador
  • governor Davis made baronet
  • local news
  • and the Peking Gazettes. / 448
  • No.10.
  • Art.I. Thirteenth report of the Ophthalmic hospital at Canton,including the period from the lst January,1844,to the lst July,1845. / 449
  • Art.II. The seventh Annual Report of the Morrison Education Society,&c. / 465
  • Art.III. A Specimen of Christian Hymns in Chinese,with a translation of the same.Air"Coronation.""Ortonville."By the Rev.J.L.Shuck. / 485
  • Art.IV. Message from the president of the United States to the senate,transmitting the treaty concluded between Mr.Cushing and Kiying.Death of Sue Aman,a Chinese shot by an American in Canton. / 487
  • Art.V. Journal of Occurrences:Fires in Canton
  • drunken sailors in the streets
  • missionary intelligence
  • shipping at Shanghai
  • tyfoons and storms in the Chinese sea
  • troubles at Fuchau
  • encouraging prospects
  • naturalization proposed in Hongkong and its dependencies
  • liberty of foreigners in Canton-copy of a draft of a proclamation. / 494
  • No.11.
  • Art.I. Remarks on Specimens of literary composition written by pupils in the school of the Morrison Education Society,&c. / 497
  • Art.II. Notices of China,by padre Serra,communicated by J.F.Davis,esq., / 519
  • Art.III. Message from the president of the United States to the senate,&c / 525
  • Art.IV. Toleration of Roman Catholicism,by a special letter from their excellencies,Kiying governor genearl of Kwangtung and Kwangsi,and Wang Ngantung governor of Kwangtung. / 539
  • Art.V. Letter to the Emperor of China from the president of the United States of America,written at Washington 12th July 1843. / 542
  • Art.VI. Journal of Occurrences:religious processions
  • stipulations of the treaties with China proclaimed
  • Lin's cyclopedia of geography
  • military fetes at Peking
  • commissioner Everett returned to the U.S.A.
  • Kiying's visit to Hongkong
  • missionary intelligence
  • increase of Indian opium. / 543
  • No.12.
  • Art.I. Second war with China
  • causes that may lead to such an event
  • with remarks on the ways and means requisite to avoid hostile collision. / 545
  • Art.II. Treaty between the United States of America and the Chinese Ta Tsing Empire,concluded and signed at Wanghia,July third in the year of our Lord one thousand eight eight hundrad and forty-four,by their excellencies Caleb Cushing and Kiying,in Chinese and English. / 555
  • Art.III. Anexcursion to the city of Suchau,made in the autumn of 1845 by Isidore Hedde commercial delegate,attached to the French Legation. / 584
  • Art.IV. A communication from the imperial commissioner Kiying,addressed to Mr.Forbes,the U.S.A.consul,giving full toleration to the religion of the Lord of heaven,or Christianity as known to the Chinese government. / 587
  • Art.V. Journal of occurrences
  • U.S.A.Squadron,commodore Biddle
  • exchange of treaties
  • stipulations of the Nanking treaty not complete
  • reference to Peking
  • French mission
  • Commissioner Lin:Castle Huntley
  • a junk run down
  • Horsburgh light-house
  • health of Hongkong
  • close of the year. / 590



書名 The Chinese repository = 支那叢報
書名ヨミ The Chinese repository = シナ ソウホウ
書名別名 支那叢報
巻冊次 VOL.14
出版元 丸善
刊行年月 昭和18
言語 英語

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